This group of books was given to me while I was living with 

my grandparents. They were my mom's when she was a kid,

and she passed them down to me since I was very into

reading at the time. I mostly read them during the summers

I spent there, usually during the night with my nightlight on

beside me, filling my bedroom with a soft warm glow. And

although I also grew up with Captain Underpants, Doctor

Proctor and Magic Tree House around this time, these books

are special in their own way and are definitely unique from

those, deserving a separate spotlight.

Here, you can read the first chapter of each one. The Pinballs

was my favourite.

         While I'm glad things are much different now, a part of me 

          misses that period of my life and how simple everything

             was. And these books will always remind me of the pure

             bliss and wonder only childhood can have.


Secret Library